Each summer, the tranquillity of the oriental themed Peasholm Park in Scarborough, is disturbed by the smallest navy in the world, better known as the Naval Warfare.

This unique experience is an absolute delight and it has been a ‘must do’ for families for almost a 100 years (since 1927). After a pause during the Second World War, the original fleet based on First World War ‘Dreadnoughts’ had deteriorated. After WW2 the battle and newly replaced fleet were based on a recreation of the Battle of the River Plate, involving 20ft replicas of the British vessels HMS Ajax, Achilles and Exeter and the German Graf Von Spee.

The format changed in the 1960’s with the addition of new vessels, HMS Ark Royal, Jervis Bay and British Pride, aircraft and even a submarine! In these more friendly times it is now known as the Battle of Peasholm Park with unnamed friends and enemy.

Little has changed since it started, and although some of the smaller boats are now electrically operated (from 1929) the larger ones are still manually operated and steered by Scarborough Council employees hidden within the boat!

Did you know pre-show set up on each day takes the small Peasholm Park team around 8hrs! Work starts each warfare day at 0630 hrs and includes the laying of cables, fireworks and props.     

The 30 minute battle has entertained families for generations over the years, and is a memorable and unforgettable experience for all. The Naval Warfare takes place in the colourful surroundings of the oriental themed park, with a central island to explore, Pagoda, waterfalls and other oriental features surrounded by a lake filled with dragon shaped pleasure boats for hire.

The landscaped park, which celebrates its 110th anniversary in 2022, is also home to a fascinating tree trail, with rare trees including the Dickson’s Golden Elm, previously thought to be extinct, but re-discovered in 2004! Look out for the latest Love Exploring App to explore the park in a fun and informative way.  

Other activities in Peasholm include a putting green, pitch and put, café and regular live music events from the lake bandstand.

Peasholm Park really is the perfect place, to escape, explore, indulge & dream. 

The Naval warfare starts this year on the 22 July 2021 and takes place every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 3pm in July and August. Adults £4.50, Children £2.50 and a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) £12.00.