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Filey - Tv, Film & Literature

“We spent our summers in Filey… which, with its bay of yellow sands and fishing boats and its rocky Brig, we rightly thought was the finest resort in the world.”

Those are the words of novelist Margaret Drabble who, with her sister AS Byatt, has written some of the most loved novels in the English language, including A Summer Bird Cage and The Garrick Year (Drabble) and Possession: A Romance and The Children’s Book (Byatt).

The family so loved Filey that the girls’ father, John, set his own novel, Scawsby, there, and on his deathbed told Drabble: “Oh Maggie, how I loved Filey.”

They weren’t the only literary sisters to love the town – the Brontës also visited and loved Filey.