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Self-Catering Accommodation in Filey

If you’re looking for self-catering accommodation in Filey then look no further! We have an extensive range of Filey self-catering accommodation to suit you, your trip and your budget. This lovely seaside town has a wide and diverse range of holiday homes, cottages and flat ideal for groups and families of all sizes.

Whatever your ideal Filey self-catering accommodation is, we have the options for you. From a modern apartment to a bright and breezy seaside cottage, for a long or short stay you can find it in our selection.

Be sure to plan your trip so you do not miss out on all the events happening in Filey during your stay on the coast. Enjoy the 5 mile stretch of stunning beach and the popular promenade with all the expected sweet seaside treats. Enjoy the gardens in the centre as well as the much celebrated Filey bandstand.

Filey is accessible by car and has railway link and bus links from York station. Filey is close by to other seaside towns if you ever fancy a day-trip away during your holiday.

Booking is easy! You can use the search/booking options below or call our Tourism Bureau today on 01723 383 636 and they will be more than happy to assist in your search for the perfect Filey self-catering accommodation.

All self-catering accommodation in Filey listed on this website has signed a Welcome to Yorkshire “Y Quality Charter Agreement” or has been inspected by the AA, VisitBritain or local hospitality associations.

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