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Yorkshire Coast Tourism Advisory Board

Sarah Ward:

Established in 2011, the primary objective of the 'Welcome To Yorkshire Coast Tourism Advisory Board' is to promote the development and promotion of the Yorkshire Coast as a tourism destination through recommendations presented to Scarborough Borough Council and Welcome to Yorkshire in relation to public sector support to the tourism industry; tourism policy; the marketing strategy for promoting tourism; attracting public and private sector investment into tourism; creating an efficient, open, robust and diverse tourism sector; improving engagement with private sector businesses and public sector bodies as well as making recommendations on any matter which affects the 'tourism experience'.

Discover more about the background, scope and objectives of the Coastal Tourism Advisory Board, including how board members are elected via the Terms of Reference (PDF).

An up-to-date list of the current board members is outlined below. You may also be interested in our section dedicated to publishing updates and minutes from previous Advisory Board meetings.



Clive Rowe-Evans

Vice Chairman
John Senior

WTY Area Director and SBC Tourism Manager
Janet Deacon

SBC Nominated Councillor Tourism
Cllr Martin Smith
Cllr Helen Mallory

Sector Representatives

Board Member - Shirley Smith
Nominated Substitute - James Hodgson

Board Member - Charles Forgan
Nominated Substitute - Paul Griffiths

Festivals and Events
Board Member - Wendy Clews

Board Member - Adrian Fusco
Nominated Substitute – Richard Marcroft

Board Member – Janet Jefferson
Nominated Substitute – Victora Mitchell

Culture and Entertainment
Board Member - Steve Freeman
Nominated Substitute – Andrew Clay

Board Member – Graham North

Business Tourism
Board Member - Diane Uhalde

Digital Marketing
Board Member - Sarah Ward
Nominated Representative - Vacant

Board Member - Chris Sigsworth
Nominated Representative - Vacant

Board Member - Catriona McLees
Nominated Substitute – Richard Gunton

Holiday Parks
Board member - vacant
Nominated Substitute - vacant

Funding and Development
Board Member – Mike Wilkinson

Board Member - Paul Johnson

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•  Minutes of the meeting held on 5 April 2019