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Scarborough South Bay - Advice Against Bathing


Please note that Scarborough South Bay currently has an ‘advice against bathing’ notice in place due to poor water quality results obtained in the 2016 bathing season. Of the 60 sample results taken in 2016, many were of the highest ‘Excellent’ standard. The bathing water is therefore generally very good. However, a number of failures at other times statistically pushed the overall classification for the year into the ‘Poor’ category. Bathing water quality sample results are sensitive to even relatively small sources of pollution, often washed into the bathing water by wet weather.

The Yorkshire Bathing Water Partnership, which is made up of local authorities, Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water and Welcome to Yorkshire is constantly looking at what could be affecting the bathing water quality at Scarborough South Bay and is committed to ensuring that the bathing water quality improves significantly in the future.

The Environment Agency has recently carried out cutting-edge DNA profiling on water samples to help identify different sources of pollution. Laboratory analysis of the samples shows that a number of different factors must be tackled to improve the water quality, including birds, sewage, and industrial effluent. The data suggests that no single factor is responsible for lowering Scarborough South’s water quality. The organisations within the partnership will now use the data in the report to drive improvements forward and achieve real differences across Scarborough.

You can do your bit to help by following some simple steps such as picking up after your dog, not feeding seagulls and disposing of your litter in bins nearby.

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