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On the BookTrail to.....Scarborough

Scarborough Castle
What better time to visit Scarborough than the month of August when the sun is shining, the sea is glistening and the beach stretches out for long walks and ice creams.
Scarborough was a favourite holiday spot for the Victorians and with its old buildings and seaside location, it’s also a brilliant setting for a modern mystery or two.

Here are a few gems to pack into your suitcase:

The Last Train to Scarborough

The Steam Detective is back for his next assignment which sees him on the hunt for a missing railwayman from a local lodging house. The mystery and the police investigation take place in Scarborough and York and evokes the time where the railway was the pride of travellers everywhere. You could read this on a modern train then close your eyes and dream of the 1940s and the great age of steam trains.

Then take the train as they do in the novel and head to York for the famous National Railway Museum!


The Last Child

The book starts with the murder of a student in the present day, but it’s the time shifts of Scarborough during the war that proves to be the most interesting. The evacuation of children and the raids on London make Yorkshire seem like another country, let alone a region in England.

“Yorkshire’s endless fields, its dreamy little villages, the way the earth and sky merged on the distant horizon, the nearness of the sea, all the animals... it’s clear it gave me the feeling of being home.”


The House of Secrets

If anywhere is going to have a mysterious mansion, it’s going to be Yorkshire isn’t it? This one is located just outside of Scarborough and although what goes on in the novel is of course a story, the hotel and grounds are very real indeed. Read the book on location and have a lovely weekend.


The Seafront Tea Rooms

Time for tea?

You can‘t go to a seaside setting without hearing seagulls, walking on the beach or...visiting the tea rooms. Scarborough does this particularly well and this book evokes the feeling and enjoyment you can only have sipping tea at the seaside.

The tea rooms in the book may be fictional but you can have fun and eat plenty of cake in your search for the one you think it might be.

“In a tranquil location overlooking the sandy cove this tea room is a place caught in time.”


Noblesse Oblige

Scarborough as seen through the eyes of a lady’s companion who travels to the town with her mistress.This was the ideal location for many rich people to holiday at the time and ladies hoping to find a husband would stroll along the promenade.

She enjoys exploring Scarborough from the pump rooms where the water is most enlightening to the seafront where she often goes to take some air..... Sounds like a nice way to spend time!


Books make the best travel companions and Scarborough literary links make it an exciting place for some novel travel!

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