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On the BookTrail to.....Whitby

Whitby might be small but it has a LOT to say for itself. Fish and chips, a stunning harbour, and friendly locals. It’s also one of the most interesting destinations for a spot of literary travel:

Of course everyone knows the classic book, Dracula is set here. Transylvania to Whitby anyone? You can’t do that journey on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, but pick up a copy of the classic horror story and you can.


The seaside town is already a popular tourist spot but with Dracula, literary tourists like to see where the book is actually set. The landscape is particularly gothic on a dark night with the dark sea behind the backlit abbey... Twice a year, a Goth Festival takes place in the spring and around Halloween to mark Whitby’s dark and mysterious heritage. Down by the harbour of course is where Dracula first came ashore disguised as a black dog, so if you see any....

Lost for Words

The seaside town isn’t just Dracula’s hunting ground though. It’s so pretty, the houses looking out to sea on the hill, that you might be Lost for Words. This book pays homage to Dracula as one of the characters themselves enjoys visiting the abbey and the sites connected to the vampire. It’s the harbour which is a very special place for Loveday and her mother. Take time to see it and visit its most famous user Captain Cook.(Captain Cook Memorial Museum) He was born nearby and the ship he sailed on was built right here.

Perfect for literary travels no doubt....

Travelling can make you hungry so the next stop on a literary tour of Whitby has to be a tea shop for a slice of Battenberg cake. That’s the cake featured on the cover of Three Things about Elsie, a story about an elderly woman who thinks about her past and wonders why a new resident of the care home should seem so familiar to her...

Three Things about Elsie

The author has said that the novel is a love song to the town since she spent her childhood holidays climbing the steps of the abbey and walking around the harbour. The women’s trip to Whitby is a memory and homage to the town and its people. Botham’s of Whitby is the place to go for any kind of cake which might take your fancy!

Death at the Seaside

But if all that isn’t your cup of Yorkshire tea, then why not just enjoy the quaint seaside holiday spot where Kate Shackleton goes for a break in Death at the Seaside. Kate’s a private investigator visiting her old friend Alma, a fortune teller in the town. It’s not long before there’s a mystery to solve, a murderer to apprehend. This book also takes you in to the quaint heart of the town however with the parade of old antique shops and wanders around the cobbled lanes firmly on the map.

Frances Brody the author actually launched the book at The Whitby Bookshop so there’s another nice place to visit before your journey home!

Books make the best travel companions and Whitby’s literary links make it an exciting place for some novel travel!

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