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The Curious Coast



Something curious is happening along the Yorkshire Coast...

It’s a land where myth and legend never died, where the old ways are cherished, where the curious are welcomed. It’s a wonderland for the imagination that’s inspired some extraordinary myth-makers – including Bram Stoker, Lewis Carroll and JRR Tolkein – and it continues to inspire today. It’s a place of healing, where you can re-discover the natural harmony of land and sea; a place where our imaginations and spirits can be free.

This is the Curious Coast - Yorkshire’s Otherworld - with magic in its heart and soul, where you can leave the real world far behind.

For many centuries, the world’s curiosity-seekers have been captivated by the Yorkshire Coast’s mysterious otherness and its awe-inspiring beauty. It’s a place out of time, where the veils between the past and present, the ‘real’ and the ‘impossible’ constantly shift like a restless sea-mist.

There’s no better time to put the magic back into our lives, and the Curious Coast is one of the few places left in the UK where you can still find it, woven into every aspect of the Yorkshire Coast’s cultural life - its food, art, music, heritage, and above all its passion for the curious and the strange!

1. Beautiful mermaids in Staithes

2. Hobgoblins in Runswick Bay

3. The malevolent fairy in Mulgrave Woods

4. Whitby: the world-famous home of Dracula

5. Whitby Abbey: a place of dreams and dragons.

6. Robin Hood’s Bay: the most infamous smugglers’ haunt in Yorkshire.

7. Ravenscar: the eerie ‘Town that Never Was’

8. Ghostly poets in Scarborough

9. A Roman soldier patrols Scarborough Castle

10. Filey: voted the UK’s UFO Hotspot

11. Filey Brigg is infamous as a dragon’s tomb

12. Bridlington: where an ancient sacred river meets the sea.

13. Magic stones can be found on Yorkshire’s beaches.

14. Walk three times around the Wishing Stone, your wish will come true.

15. Goathland the realm of the evil, beastly Gyrtrash

16. North Yorkshire Moors Railway: world-famous for its magical steam trains

17. The giant Wade, war-hero of Viking and Saxon sagas

18. The spirits of the many witches who once ruled this land are still alive

Audio Tours

The Curious Tours

Spooks, sea-monsters and stones that cast a spell… The myths and legends of the Yorkshire Coast are being brought to life in a curious new hoard of free audio tours being released from the ‘wyld’ this week, part of Yorkshire’s new Curious Coast campaign aiming to bring magic to our lives!

Based on ‘real life’ stories, the audio tours have been created with GeoTourist to help visitors explore the magical ‘otherworld’ of Yorkshire’s Curious Coast.


To download the app via the App Store click or via Google Play at

We’ve provided a few signposts to help you seek out the Curious Coast:

• Download free audio tours, taking you on a journey through the strange and supernatural, revealing myths and legends unique to the Curious Coast.

• Discover the Curious Coast’s mythical landmarks, world-famous icons for the wondrous and weird, like Whitby Abbey and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

• In Whitby’s museums and traditional jewellery-making workshops, discover how Whitby’s enchanted stones – jet and amber – have been sought after for millennia for their magical powers, from Romans to royalty!

• Find enchanted, sleeping dragons on beachcombing safaris with expert fossil-hunters.

• Experience natural healing, including the new Alpamare Spa in Scarborough, unique in the UK, and recreating Scarborough’s ancient healing spas for the 21st century (opening Spring 2019).

• Meet local ghost whisperers, myth-makers and guides to the mysterious and mystical. Or re-connect with the natural magic of Yorkshire’s magical landscape, on beach or star-gazing safaris.

• Encounter extraordinary, curious collections in local museums, including witch-posts, giant sea-monsters, an 11,000-year-old shaman’s headdress to invoke the gods, archives of sailors’ superstitions, and the macabre Hand of Glory.

• Hear the ancient sounds of sea-songs and sea shanties that draw on local folklore and are experiencing a revival along the Yorkshire Coast in local festivals; or take part in annual boat blessings at local SeaFests, in honour of the ancient fishing industry.

• Explore the distilleries and breweries inspired by local legends or using magical ingredients, from sacred spring water to healing herbs; eat fish and chips with a spook; or taste time-honoured recipes blessed by grandmothers, including a cake that proved irresistible to dragons...

• See how the seaside has become a shrine for Steampunks, Sci-Fi fans, and Goths, celebrated in its year-round major festivals and attractions.

• Take a magical steam train ride along the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. It’s famous for its starring role in the Harry Potter movies, but also journeys through the legendary realm of Wade the Giant, epic war-hero of Viking and Saxon sagas.

The Curious Whitby
The Curious Museums
The Curious Moors