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Surfing in Cayton Bay

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For experienced surfers, head to the northern end of the bay where The Point provides left handed waves breaking around the headland that can hold a big swell. Intermediate and advanced surfers can enjoy breaks at Pump House during mid to low tide, with fast moving hollow lefts and occasional rights, created by the shelving nature of the shore.
Cayton Bay is also a great place to learn to surf, with the middle of the bay offering mellow waves at mid to high tide. Expansive by nature, this area handles a crowd easily and is great for body boarding and long boarding too.
To the southern end of Cayton Bay, lies Bunkers - one of the only local spots that can be surfed through the full high tide. Offering world-class A-frame peaks, with both lefts and rights breaking over sand, Bunkers is one of the Yorkshire Coast's premier beach breaks.
Out to sea, covering the centre of the bay is the reef. Although rarely surfed due to its distance from shore and inconsistency, the reef is a perfect barrier from mid to low tide, creating a flat water lagoon, an idyllic location for a spot of kayaking or paddle boarding/SUP (stand up paddle board).

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Cayton Bay is also home to some of the very best beach break waves on the East Coast. Surfable through all stages of tide with a good variety of conditions to suit all abilities.