Robin Hood's Bay

Probably one of the most photographed locations in the UK, Robin Hood’s Bay is a picture perfect escape for those who are looking to enjoy this quaint little village.

Known for its steep and winding paths, you’ll definitely need to wear your sensible shoes when visiting Robin Hood’s Bay! However, as you walk up and down the cobbled streets you’ll find charming cottages, a variety of shops and a selection of cafes - ideal for a pit stop or two! If those steep hills weren’t enough for you, Robin Hood’s Bay is also a great place to enjoy walking and cycling as its part of many popular trails such as The Coast to Coast, The Cleveland Way and The Cinder Track. Due to its maze like winding paths and fishing harbour, you can see why Robin Hood’s Bay was once known as a smuggler’s haven! You can even re-live life as a smuggler on one of the many tours the village has to offer.

Robin Hood’s Bay is also well known for its arts culture; in fact new in 2017 you’ll find the beautiful mosaic on the parapet wall overlooking the sea, believed to be one of the longest in the country which showcases a timeline of events in Robin Hood's Bay, from the Jurassic period to the present day, including fossils, smuggling, shipwrecks, storms, fishing and wildlife. It’s also famously known for its literary heritage, too – writer Leo Walmsley grew up there, and his Bramblewick series is set in the town.

Check out the list below for the best of what Robin Hood’s Bay has to offer including accommodation, places to eat and things to do!

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