Nature and wildlife on the Yorkshire Coast

The Yorkshire Coast is alive with an abundance of nature. That is the beauty of being beside the sea.

Look to skies - Yorkshire in flight

We are home to some of the best bird-watching in the world, including the UK’s largest and most accessible mainland nesting colony of gannets at Bempton Cliffs. The 400ft chalk cliffs are also home to the ever-popular puffin colonies, giving you the best chance on mainland England to spot one of these endearing and colourful seabirds.

Take a deeper view - marine life migrations

Did you know that the Yorkshire Coast plays host to migrating whales and dolphins and the occasional shark every year? They frolic in the warmer September waters as they migrate south for the winter. It is certainly a sight to behold and something you will not forget!

The Yorkshire Coast is also spoilt for nature preserves, walled gardens and some of the lushest and most plentiful forests anywhere in England.

So, what are you waiting for? Get exploring today!