Dog friendly activities in Scarborough

Scarborough offers a variety of dog friendly activities that are perfect for visitors who wish to spend some quality time with their furry companions. From scenic walks along the coastline to exploring historical sites, Scarborough has something to offer every dog owner.

Take a leisurely stroll around Peasholm Park and even take your pooch on the boating lake, or head up to Scarborough Castle where you can enjoy panoramic views of the town. Your furry friend can also join you on a trip on the Central Tramway. Looking to soak in some art and culture? The Scarborough Art Gallery, Rotunda Museum and Woodend Gallery and Studios all welcome well-behaved dogs!

There is an abundance of coastal walks to enjoy with your dog, though restrictions apply on some beaches in summer. Why not visit the North Yorkshire Water Park on the outskirts of Scarborough where you can enjoy a scenic walk around their lake?