Nature and wildlife in the North York Moors

The North York Moors National Park is a paradise for nature lovers.

Over at our coastal villages, you will find stunning coastlines that are home to a variety of wildlife including; seabirds, marine animals and even fossils! You can explore the vast countryside and forests where you will find a whole host of creatures, from birds of prey to rabbits and squirrels.

A word of warning, keep a careful eye out for adders, Britain’s only poisonous snake, which is common on the moors but rarely seen.

The North York Moors is also home to vibrant blankets of rich purple heather, which flowers in late summer and early autumn. It is a valuable habitat for other rare species, including birds such as the golden plover and plants including sundew, cranberry, juniper, dwarf cornel, bog rosemary and cloudberry.

You can also enjoy the famous Dark Skies Festival which takes place across various locations within the North York Moors area in February, where you can enjoy unrivalled views of the stars with no light pollution in one of the UK’s only Dark Skies Reserves.