Tourism advisory board

Established in 2011, the primary objective of the ‘Yorkshire Coast Tourism Advisory Board' is to promote the development and promotion of the Yorkshire Coast as a tourism destination through recommendations presented to the council and other key tourism stakeholders/bodies in relation to public sector support to the tourism industry; tourism policy; the marketing strategy for promoting tourism; attracting public and private sector investment into tourism; creating an efficient, open, robust and diverse tourism sector; improving engagement with private sector businesses and public sector bodies as well as making recommendations on any matter which affects the 'tourism experience'.

Tourism board members

Richard Marcroft - Chairman

John Senior - Deputy Chairman
Janet Deacon - Head of tourism and culture

Adrian Fusco - Restaurants
Andrew Jenkinson - Filey Tourism and Trade Association

Graeme Young - Restaurants and South Bay traders

Sarah Ward - Self catering accommodation
Shirley Smith - Scarborough Hospitality Association/self catering
Graham North - North Yorkshire Council  - transport
Ben Gilligan - Transport
Janet Jefferson - Chamber of Trade

Andrew Clay - Culture
Paul Robinson - Culture
Catriona McLees - North York Moors National Park
Mark Williamson - Attractions

David Steel - Sporting attraction

Graeme Meiklejohn - Transpennine

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